This programme is brand new to the industry.

you want to Train just three times a week and get fASTER results than ever?

It all started when...

Andy realised that his clients whom were actually the busiest, were getting the best results! 

These clients were only training three times a week and had highly stressful jobs.

So why were they getting the fastest results??

Well, as they could only commit to training three times a week, they absolutely killed each session! Intensity beats frequency every single time! This is the difference between training to just burn calories and actually training to turn your body into a fat burning machine!

This realisation that more isn't always better completely changed Andy's mentality, as he like many others in the fitness industry believed that the more you train the faster you see results. However, when you have someone who is already stressed,  you then try and get those individuals to train 5 times a week, it's a complete recipe for disaster and burn out.

The clients who were less busy and could actually train five to six times a week, simply did not put the same amount of effort in as the ones who trained three times a week, so they did not get the same results!

Those who trained five to six times a week burnt out quickly as their muscles and central nervous systems could not handle that amount of stress on the body. Going from nothing to six or even seven sessions a week can simply be too much stress!

This completely inspired Andy to put together a programme that was targeted for busy women.

The programme is simple yet very affective:

  • Only three sessions a week, these are completely tailored to the individual (these can be in the gym or at home), specifically targeted to burn fat and optimise the development of lean muscle tissue 
  • Nutrition programme that is based on your metabolic rate, genetics and lifestyle
  • Three month programme (90 days)
Computer monitor, tablet and mobile phone

Why would I choose to work with Andy instead of the more popular/famous celebrity trainers?

Let's be realistic here, many people think that if they buy a product that is designed or supported by one of the leaders of the industry that offer support and accountability, they think that it will be them that is helping them along the way. This is just not true!!!

You think that the sheer amount of people who buy the body coaches 90 day challenge are going to get a phone call off Joe asking if they're getting on okay? I think not! He like the rest of these celebrity trainers have a team to sort out queries and concerns from clients. I'm not taking anything away from the leaders of the industry (especially the inspiring Joe Wicks), I just think that people are really not aware of what they are investing in, this leaves them more confused and often disheartend.


Why is this the best programme for you?

  • Real accountability! You will be working with Andy and only Andy, not some automated system
  • Initial 1-1 video/phone call to discuss your goals, lifestyle and current level of fitness
  • New strength and cardiovascular programmes every 4 weeks with links to demo videos to show you the correct technique and form, these programmes guide you step by step through training days and progressively push you to the next level
  • Detailed nutritional plans which allow you the freedom to choose from a selection of healthy foods - no fad diets, no crash diets, just good wholesome foods that will compliment your training and turn you into a fat burining machine
  • You will have clear information regarding how to balance your macros and what they should be at each phase of your programming for both training and rest days
  • Nutrition is tracked using the 'my fitness pal' app, which Andy will review to keep you on track
  • Postural corrective exercises
  • 24/7 support and advice - be it by text, email, call or Skype, Andy is always available to guide, support and motivate every step of the way
  • Monthly goal, measurement and progress reviews via video/phone call 
  • Weekly educational emails and videos 


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