Are you exercising or training?


Are you TRAINING or just exercising?

If you want to reduce fat, build muscle and develop an athletic physic, YOU MUST TRAIN🏋!

Now this sounds obvious, the problem we have is people just don’t train, THEY JUST EXERCISE(🦄).

🦄EXERCISING looks like this - You arrive at the gym, you have a quick recce, you spot some equipment you think would be nice to use and would give you a good workout. That is about as advanced as most people go. This can work, especially in the short term, but eventually you’ll need to get a bit more specific.

🏋TRAINING looks like this - You have a set goal and a set plan to get you to that goal. You know exactly what you need to do for each and every session, you know the exact reps and sets you need to do, you know how much weight you need to lift and how much you lifted last time. You have a nutrition programme that is going to fuel your workouts to optimise your performance. 

📈👨‍🔬The main thing you need to look at when it comes to TRAINING is progressive overload👨‍🔬. This is necessary with both muscle building and fat loss, the more muscle you have the faster your metabolic rate because your body will need to fuel that new founded muscle.


What Is Progressive Overload?

Progressive overload requires a gradual increase in volume, intensity, frequency or time in order to achieve the targeted goal of the user. In this context, volume and intensity are defined as follows: Volume is the total number of repetitions multiplied by the resistance used as performed in specific periods of time.” 

That, my friends, is straight out of Wikipedia.

When exercising, your body will adapt to a point, but if you want to make further development then you need to exert greater demand on the body by TRAINING and TRAINING SMART.  If you don't progressively overload the muscles by forcing them to do more than they're accustomed to, they have no reason to make further adaptations. Simply put, your body will not develop unless it needs to!

📝If you want to start TRAINING and not just EXERCISING, you need to be tracking absolutely everything.

Implement these simple changes to your training if you’re not currently following a set and structure regime:

🔵 Increase and track the resistance (weight lifted)

🔵 Increase the volume -  sets multiplied by reps and then multiplied by resistance.

🔵 Increase training frequency - i.e. the amount of times you’re training. Remember, there is no such thing as overtraining, just under recovering, so make sure your nutrition supports the increase in frequency.