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Personal Training Testimonies

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Paul Ricc - Online Personal Training UK

“I have been training with Andy for around 2 months now and I am absolutely loving it. He has tailored a program which suits my needs, from cardio and resistance training to diet and nutrition.

I have been following the online personal training program and feel healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before, all this while eating far more as well! Andy’s knowledge of the body is exceptional and he has also helped me out with any minor injuries and strains I have had due to other activities that I do.

He is extremely supportive and always responds to any queries you have. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and can’t thank him enough for the positive changes I have noticed in my general health. I can’t recommend Andy enough!!”

— Paul Ricc

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Bethany Randerson - Online Personal Training UK

“I’ve been training with Andy since November and in that short space of time, I’ve came on so far. Everything has improved. My nutrition is better. I’m fitter and stronger and have more energy during the day. Andy is very understanding about anything whether it’s a match week so he’ll alter the programme that week or it’s been a stressful week with university, he caters to every need. Working with Andy is always fun and I never feel like I can’t do anything. He is very passionate about what he does and it comes through in his sessions. Anyone wanting a PT should 100% consider Andy. Starting online personal training with Andy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you Andy for helping me achieve my goals and smash final year”

— Bethany Randerson

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Lynsey Richardson - Online Personal Training UK


“Andy is really passionate about his job. Professional, expert advice and always there for motivation and encouragement! Doing his best to help me get to my goals”

— Lynsey Richardson

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Sara Parry - Online Personal Training UK


“One word... Awesome!! .Always there to motivate you and knows his stuff! Highly recommended ”

— Sara Parry

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Verity Maybury - Online Personal Training UK

“Andy is an exceptional PT with a broad knowledge of body mechanics which allows him to cater for all levels of ability and fitness.
He has a real passion for exercise, nutrition and general well-being and considers each of these as opposed to focussing on quick win / short term weight loss. A pit fall many PT’s fall into.
Andy is very supportive to his clients, always responding to messages and emails quickly. He is professional, non judgemental, approachable and a fantastic motivator. He puts a lot of time and effort into his clients and this is rewarded with amazing results.
I would definitely recommend Andy if you are looking for online personal training to help you make big, positive changes to your health.”

— Verity Maybury

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Rhyann Marie Allen - Online Personal Training UK


“Getting a personal trainer is something I had thought about and wanted for a long time and after meeting Andy I couldn’t have found a better personal trainer :) He is a friendly and very approachable person and speaking to him I felt I wasn’t forced into anything but I was definitely assured I was getting a lot more for my money than I had originally thought. Andy is always available via text, email, or phone for advice, tips and reassurance if I’m ever unsure of anything. He is always encouraging me to push my limits and to help me achieve my goals. Even when I’m not scheduled in for a session with Andy and he sees me in the gym, he will always come over and check I’m ok, to see if I need any help or advice. I had a few injuries going into the start of my training and Andy has worked brilliantly around these to ensure I constantly improve. I feel energetic, healthier and I’m constantly seeing improvements. I couldn’t recommend Andy enough to any one :)”

— Rhyann Marie Allen

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Samantha Simpson Price - Online Personal Training UK


“I have been training with Andy for 8 weeks now, and it’s one of the best choices I’ve made. He has produced a really good training program and nutrition plan for me to follow and I’m definitely seeing/feeling the benefits of working with him! I have certain issues/injuries and Andy has specifically designed a program that works for me. Andy is extremely helpful, friendly and professional and I can’t wait to move on to the next stage of my program! :)”

— Samantha Simpson Price

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Agata Konieczko - Online Personal Training UK


“Andy is the real deal. He has incredible knowledge and loves to share it with others. Andy has very professional and individual approach to his clients; he teaches you how to get your nutrition under control and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. He knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body, mind and soul. On top of that he has great personality and sense of humour.
Andy has completely changed my life, thank to him I fell fitter, healthier, happier and more confident.
I highly recommend Andy if you looking for a trainer who will be fully committed to you.”

— Agata Konieczko

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Chris Jolley - Online Personal Training UK


“I’ve been working with Andy for a number of months now and don’t see that changing in a hurry, if at all.

Not only is Andy extremely switched on, knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, he spreads that passion around - it’s very catching. Unlike some PT’s out there, Andy really does treat everybody as an absolutely unique individual with different needs, drives and requirements. He understands that training and fitness are about far more than just how many times you go the gym, and even what you do with that time. Nutrition, sleep, hydration, work / life balance, preparation.. the list goes on and on and Andy monitors, understands and most importantly explains the whole package.

I’ve yet to find a question - and have sent many his way! - that didn’t get a near immediate answer, by text, phone, email, or many times during a training session.

In short, Andy will instil a sense of enthusiasm, achievement, and visible and tangible improvement right from start. He hasn’t let up the pace since we started, and has an almost psychic insight into when to mix things up, increase or change a programme, and most important of all perhaps - how to add some fun. He’s also been able to work around me wherever possible in terms of times and changes to schedule, which is brilliant.

There’s added value too in the form of Andy’s Saturday morning bootcamp in Chester, which he has organised and is growing from strength to strength (also, bags of fun!) and other activities that he helps to plan and share with his clients - not to mention his thought provoking and well presented facebook videos!

His philosophy that it’s important to enjoy your training, and to show you how to maintain that makes it all the more exciting to work with Andy and all the more possible to keep on going. Even when it’s tough going, or life gets in the way. And after-all, when it comes to training, what could be more important than that?

— Chris Jolley

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Paola Cecchini - Online Personal Training UK


“I have been training with Andy for 3 months now and he is great!
Every session has been a perfect balance of challenge and fun and I truly enjoyed going back into a proper training routine.
I feel a lot stronger and ready to take on the new challenge that Andy will includes in his online personal training plan. He’s always available (even on holidays!) and keen to clarify any doubt, push you to the limit but he will always have a smile and will encourage you. Loved these 3 months and cannot recommend him enough! Thanks Andy :-)

— Paola Cecchini

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Jenn Nesbit - Online Personal Training UK


“I was recommended Andy by another Pro-Fit training. At the time, I was deeply lost in a restricted diet, trying to train with no consistency and ended up injuring myself. I have a history of poor nutrition which Andy has taken on board and agreed to take on the challenge of training me. At first he stripped back my training, whilst this made me anxious I'm so glad I listened to him as building back a good foundation has enabled me to progress well beyond my expectations.

He has helped me gain a healthy relationship with food again and increased my intake at a pace I’ve been able to manage and when I’ve had doubts he has always been there to offer advice and support me. He has allowed me to have input into my programme and gone the extra mile to show me exercises and review my techniques which is amazing considering I'm on online client. With it being an online personal training programme, Andy has been able to send me useful web links and guides on how to understand everything - from exercises to nutrition plans.

Each month I’ve seen new changes and gained more confidence in myself and my ability, I would never had got to where I am today without Andy’s support he really has changed my life, I feel happier and healthier in myself and that for me is GOLDEN, after years spent trapped I feel with the help of Pro-Fit I one day be free and have some gains. Bonus

Thanks for all your hard work =)”

— Jenn Nesbit

Expert PT Client Testimonies & Photos - Lee Cullen - Online Personal Training UK


“I started training with Andy to help me recover from an ACL reconstruction and found his programmes and advice to be excellent. He helped me understand more about the right blend of exercises vs cardio and the importance of nutrition in training. I’m now back playing football and have completely changed my approach to the gym all thanks to his expertise. I would definitely recommend him!”

— Lee Cullen

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