Andy Griffiths Online Personal Trainer

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself, I'm an Online Personal Trainer based in the UK who specialises in fast tracking body transformations. I help everyday busy people achieve the results they have always wanted and quicker than they ever thought possible. I do this by creating a bespoke Training and Nutrition plan based on the individuals lifestyle and fitness goals, whilst utilising proven training methods and providing weekly video feedback.

I come from a military background where I spent five and a half years in the Royal Welsh Infantry, I've been to places such as Afghan, Canada, Cyprus and Kenya. After completing my course at the Army School of Physical Training, I was an All Arms Physical Training Instructor (AAPTI), so it was my job to make sure the Battalion was peak level ready for operations. I left the Army and continued to pursue my passion for health and fitness.

I'm a business owner (Expert PT LTD) and have two beautiful children, I understand the high demands of everyday life and how hard it can be to fit healthy eating and exercise around the chaos of every day.

My mission is to help you transform both your body and mind in the quickest possible way!

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2008 - Joined The Army

2009 - Awarded the Physical Training Prize at AFC Harrogate

2010 - Royal Welsh Boxing Team (6 Months)

2011 - Climbed Mount Kenya

2012 - Afghanistan (6 Months)

2013 - All Arms Physical Training Instructor (AAPTI) at the Garrison Super Gym Tidworth

2014 - Left the Military to start Personal Training full time (Qualified REPs Level 3 and Pro-Fit Level 5 Personal Trainer)

2015 - Chester’s Strongest Competition (2nd Place under 80kg category)

2016 - Reduced 1-2-1 PT to commit fully Online

2017 - Primarily focussed on delivering the highest quality Online Personal Training service throughout the UK

2018 - OFB’s Online Nutrition Coaches: Best in the UK award

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Why Online Personal Training?

After years of coaching people in the military, in commercial gyms and private studios, it dawned on me that I was only able to help a small amount of people at one time, there were only so many hours in the day and so many clients I could work with, I found myself saying no to a lot of people who really needed my help as I simply did not have the space to fit them in.

Eventually I had an epiphany and decided to take my service online, this would give me the time to help more people and have an impact all over the UK, not just locally. So, I did what anyone does when wanting to take on a new role, or simply find something out, I Googled it! What I found was both shocking and inspiring, I found that none of the Online Personal Trainers were offering the service they were promising. I wanted real experience of what was out there, so I trialled as many Online Personal Trainers as I could find, not just on Google, but also on Instagram and Facebook. This wasn’t cheap, believe me! Overall I felt that there was a lack of support, I didn’t feel like I had a coach, I just felt like I was following a plan. A coach should make you feel at ease, make you feel that what you’re doing is correct, keep you accountable and push you through the struggles, a coach should be able to push you further than what you ever thought possible. And most importantly, a coach should make you feel like he cares and actually knows you and your goals.

This inspired me, I found a gap in the market, I didn’t believe there was an Online Personal Training service out there that offered enough support for most individuals to reach their goals, I felt it was my job to create one, to create a truly bespoke service. From that day my mission has been to create the highest quality Online Personal Training service the UK has to offer.

I’ve personally helped transform the physiques of 100’s of individuals all over the world