Kelvin Davies

Personal Training Online UK Results

* "I was one of the 'new year, new me' gym goers. Yes I flooded the gym with everyone else in January, sorry. This was when I nearly quit but I bit the bullet and sheepishly enquired about PT with Andy. Though only a few months in with Expert PT's online personal training programme. Andy has guided me through a massive transformation and I don't think I have ever been as confident in myself as I am currently. He has never produced a dull workout for me and this has been a massive help, enjoying the workout has been key to the progress I have made. Training with Andy has not only got me focused on the body but has also got me changing my general lifestyle all of which are bringing life gains. The great thing working with Andy has to be his positivity and encouragement. He has such a positive outlook on things that it rubs off and makes you feel even better. He is always around for support and has impeccable timing of dropping a message to check how things are when your not really feeling it. Would I recommend Andy, Hell yeah."

Sam Brander

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* “After I completed a marathon in 2013 I spent a year bored of running then eating and partying myself into the heaviest I had been for years! I knew I needed to sort myself out so decided to try something other than running. I met Andy with a view to online personal training with him for about 3/6 months, to kick start my fitness. I have now trained with him twice a week for over a year and a half. 
Andy gave me a healthy eating programme and gym sessions that I really enjoyed (however, I never did find time or the will to have steak for breakfast!) 
It was hard to change the way I ate with 3 kids to cook for too. However, he supported and encouraged me to do it. Andy would often get messages from me at random times to see I could eat certain foods! My kids have even started saying “don’t eat that mummy or we will tell Andy!”
When I started I had never done a walking lunge, now 20 months on I am doing them with a 35 kilo weight on my shoulders! He makes my work outs fun and they are set at the right level. Andy has a great attitude to helping and continually supporting each of his clients and keeps his knowledge of exercise and diets plans right up to date. 
He even ran an extra bootcamp session on a Saturday in his own time to help encourage his and other pro fit clients, which was ace! 
Thank you Andy for all your support and encouragement! 👍🏻💪😘”

Numan Asif

Online Fitness Coach UK

* "Absolutely amazing....
Guaranteed results and he is so supportive and helpful..... I've tried a few face to face pt's but Andy is a cut above the rest...."

Ian Cousins

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* "Don’t really ever do reviews but I feel I have to in the case of Andy ..... I was feeling very depressed with my body shape and always have been a frequent gym goer but with little knowledge just doing the same routine for years .... I’ve always had a problem losing weight too fast and becoming skinny fat and not maximising my potential and shape .... from the first time I contacted Andy I felt that this would change .... Andy is methodical and really detailed in his approach .... His online personal training routines are always changing and his video feedback on your weekly progress is exceptional where he details your training and nutrition .... So far my progression has been fantastic!!! And if I am honest with myself I have done his work a disservice with not a consistent approach with Christmas and injuries .... He even went out of the way to design a training programme when I had a broken hand when I fell over one time ... I can not recommend him highly enough .... You can find my progression photos on Andy’s Facebook page .... this is just the start for me can’t wait for bigger and better things with more commitment from my side and Andy’s support and skill !"

Ashleigh Turnbull

Fitness Coach Results

 * “I can’t recommend Andy enough, I started training with Andy 3 months after a having a baby I was desperate to get my old body back as quick as possible. 

Andy put me on a realistic eating plan and has changed my plan perfectly adding in things when I have asked for it and always being available to my many many questions . I have so far lost over 2 stone in 4 months and I would never of done it without him being there each morning ready to push me through it, he motivates me when I have had no sleep (thanks to the baby) and I genuinely feel like he believes I can do it which makes me train harder and stick to the eating plan (although I add in wine ). I have one more stone to lose and with andys help I know I will do it. 

Thank you Andy!!”

Agata Konieczko

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* “Andy is the real deal. He has incredible knowledge and loves to share it with others. Andy has very professional and individual approach to his clients; he teaches you how to get your nutrition under control and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. He knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body, mind and soul. On top of that he has great personality and sense of humour.
Andy's online personal training has completely changed my life, thanks to him I fell fitter, healthier, happier and more confident. 
I highly recommend Andy if you looking for a trainer who will be fully committed to you.”

Suzy Ives

Personal Training Online Results

* “When I first met Andy I was on an exercise bike more interested in watching the telly than actually pedalling, after all I had one of the two bikes that can see the TV showing E4. I had never considered a personal trainer before... why would I need one? I already went to the gym! He offered a free consultation and said he’d give me a diet plan. Not one to pass up on something free I thought “what the hell?”...
6 months later of online personal training with Andy and I’ve never felt better... I’m healthier, leaner, stronger, thinner, more confident, less stressed and happier than ever before. He has even managed to help correct a long-term chronic problem with my ankles. Andy has changed my life for the better and I’m always going to be grateful for that.
Yes, at first I thought he was crazy! I was lifting weights?!? And he wanted me to go to the gym 4 times a week?!? And he put me on a strict diet?!? No bread or pasta, god forbid!!! It was madness! 
But now... I feel bad if I don’t get to the gym 5 times a week. I’d rather lift a crazy amount of weight than do cardio. I don’t even think about what I can and can’t eat... it’s a way of life. 
Andy pushes me and always knows when I can do more even if I don’t believe it. He always gives me a hell of a programme that leaves me aching for days and the days I don’t ache it feels weird and I know I need to push harder. He’s got me doing things I’ve never thought I could do... I’ve signed up for a strong man competition and a commando trail. 
People frequently ask me “how much weight have you lost?” and I answer with how much I can lift! 
They ask about what “diet” I’m on and I go on and on about how it’s not a “diet” it’s just what I eat, day in, day out. 
They ask “what’s the trick did you use to lose all that weight” and I explain how it’s constant hard work and I consistently strive to be better. 
It’s not about depriving yourself of things, or overdoing it, it’s about choosing to be a bad-ass!!! 
All I can say is none of this would have been possible for me without Andy and I can’t recommend him highly enough. The decision to start working with Andy was the best decision I’ve ever made and I couldn’t imagine getting here without him!”

Laura Jane

Online PT Results UK

* “I have been a member at the gym for about 7 years. I would often go the gym with no plan, trying different machines because I was so unsure of what to do and not really put a lot of effort in. I didn’t really see any results I was happy with and tried numerous diets alongside this....that didn’t work either.

Since training with Andy my attitude to the gym has completely changed and I enjoy going! Never did I think I would make it to the gym at 6am without complaining. 
My knowledge of nutrition has improved and I am better educated about what I should be eating. Andy’s expertise has taught me that diets don’t have to be all about cutting the calories but eating right. 
My confidence has grew in using equipment. I know how I will get the best results for my body from exercises. My sleep, fitness, strength and focus has all improved! 

Andy is really supportive and creates fun but challenging plans. He has amazing ideas and always thinks of new ways to improve and enhance his skills. His online personal training programme makes it so easy to electronically track my progress and watch videos of exercises for help when I’m training on my own. 

I would definitely recommend Andy and thank you for all your help!”

Edyta Szewczak

UK Results Online Personal Training

* “I have been training with Andy for 5 months now and I never thought I would be where I am now in such a short time!
Thanks to his expertise, support and guidance I am a much happier and healthier person. I can’t even begin to describe how much it has changed for the better, from energy levels, sleep quality and general mood to feeling strong and fit. And no more back pains I used to suffer from!
If you are thinking about getting a Personal Trainer just do it, it is the best investment you will ever make, one that will pay off in so many different ways and Andy is your right choice!!!”

If you are hoping to achieve similar results, I can cater for your needs and provide bespoke Online Personal Training and nutrition plans tailored to your individual lifestyle and goals.

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