Online Personal Training Vs 1-2-1 Personal Training

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm an Online Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach based in the UK who specialises in fast tracking body transformations. I help everyday busy people achieve the results they have always wanted and quicker than they ever thought possible. I do this by creating a Bespoke Training and Nutrition Plan based on the individuals lifestyle and fitness goals, whilst utilising proven training methods with weekly video feedbacks. I also provide exclusive one to one Personal Training in Chester (Cheshire), so I’m writing this as both and Online PT and a one to one PT.

So, you might have come here as you're thinking whether you should hire an Online Personal Trainer or a Face to Face Personal Trainer. Well, you have come to the right place, let's start with comparing the two....



One To One Personal Trainer Prices

Where I’m based prices start from £20 to £50 for 1-1 Personal Training, however in places like London United Kingdom, you’d be looking at double that, but let’s call it £35 for a UK average. Two sessions per week over 6 months (not including gym membership) would average out as £303.33 per month.

(London United Kingdom, Higher PT Prices)


Online Personal Trainer Prices

Generally Online Personal Trainers charge 2-3 times the amount they charge for a 1 hour session. Now considering you can train with any Online Personal Trainer/Online Fitness Coach of your choice, from anywhere in the world, prices do vary. 

Once we eliminate the services that don’t provided much of a services, essentially just put you on a generic email series with a recycled plan, the prices actually start from about £70 per month to genuinely work with an Online Coach. Personally, I charge £155 per month for Online Fitness Coaching with all the trimmings. I have seen services that cost £350 per month from big companies, but that’s top end prices (not necessarily top end service) and if you’re based in London, you’d probably look at that as a bargain.


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One To One Personal Trainer Quality

Now, you can’t beat the coaching power of a face to face coach, the challenge is finding a coach local to you with the skills required to help you achieve your goal. If you’re a Personal Trainer reading this you will likely agree that the industry is full of coaches that can’t coach.

Online Personal Trainer Quality

Now, as much as you can’t beat having a coach face to face, with constant evolving technology it’s becoming easier and easier to coach clients online with an incredible personal touch. The future is very promising. I personally send clients weekly videos of myself going through all aspect of their plan and areas where they need to improve, this shows the clinet that I’m genially checking up on them and that they’re working with me and not just a client care team.

With everything being completely online, you, yes YOU, can train with the best Online Personal Trainer in the world for less than what it might cost you to work with a newly qualified PT at your local gym.


Online Personal Trainer Service.jpeg

One To One Personal Trainer Service

The great thing about one to one Personal Training is you get what you paid for, you pay for one to one sessions and you’ll receive them. You might not get a training plan to do away from the sessions and you might not get any nutritional advice, but you will get your sessions.

Online Personal Trainer Service

You’ll get a lot more for your money with Online Coaching and more guidance towards hitting your goals. A big thing you’ll need to be careful with is paying for something that isn’t what you thought it was. A lot of Online Coaches say they provide “the support needed to help you reach your goal”, but often under deliver, I’ve personally have took the time to trial other Online Coaches to see if they provide the service they promised and very few did.

The trick is to shop around, look at results and reviews to make the best decision possible.

In my humble opinion, Online Personal Training is better than One To One based on the price and the service you’ll receive. With the constant rise and power of technology, the future of the fitness world is incredible exciting!