Okay, so I just read an article explaining why we should not drink coffee.

I do not agree!

Like all things in the fitness industry, nothing is simply black and white, unlike coffee 😏

I absolutely love coffee, I'm like something off The Walking Dead without my morning coffee (see picture above), but like everything you can always have too much.

My main criticism of caffeine, is if you have high amounts over a sustained period of time it can cause adrenal fatigue, basically, this is a lack of enthusiasm, feeling of lethargy, a weakened immune system, and more. However, if you do feel like you're relying on coffee and showing signs of adrenal fatigue, then simply have a week or two off the stuff, that should generally sort things out.

One of the main reasons coffee makes you feel so incredibly awesome is because caffeine is similar in structure to natural occurring molecules called adenosine. Adenosine is the stuff that tells your brain that you’re tired, and the more adenosine you build up, the more tired you will feel. When you consume caffeine, it prevents adenosine from sending signals to your brain by attaching itself to nerve sells in your brain blocking the adenosine, this will inevitably make you feel more alert because adenosine will not be telling your brain that you're tired.

Also, too much coffee can be stressful on the body and releases cortisol (stress hormone), however this is generally in low doses and unlikely to affect you negatively, saying that, I would still avoid large amounts of coffee if you're already stressed.

I will generally only consume 10 coffees a day!......... actually it's more like two or three, no more than 300mg per day.

Like anything, you need to have a balance and don't just eliminate something as nice as coffee because of one article.