Fat Loss Tip - Never Shop Hungry

That escalated quickly! 

Online Personal Trainer

Yes I folded to the dreaded festive treats!

This was not one of those well planned treats that fitted into my macro and calorie goals, this was simply me eating junk because I was hungry.

This all came down to me shopping on an empty stomach, I don’t usually allow myself to get hungry, I like food too much, but today I allowed myself to get extremely hungry and then went shopping……….big fail!

When you’re hungry your blood sugar levels are lower, to increase your blood sugar levels you’ll want to eat, and nothing gets your sugar levels up faster than sugar! Your body knows this, this is why it craves junk food when you’re hungry.

Best way to avoid this is to eat regularly (small meals for fat loss), this will stop you from feeling hungry and never, never, NEVER shop when you’re hungry.