How to get in great shape when you’re a parent

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This post is inspired by my new son Arthur Rhys Griffiths,👶🏻 he is 3 months old and my second child (first is my beautiful daughter Ruby you can see hanging off my arm). If you’re a parent you’ll know the challenges that come from trying to get in or stay in great shape when YOU are not the priority, you can even feel guilty when you do something for yourself. This is a big problem long term, what kind of role model are we to our children when we can’t look after ourselves.

I use the oxygen mask analogy with this scenario, if you’re on a plane and it starts having some major problems (touch wood this never happens to you), the oxygen masks will deploy. When this happens you’re advised to sort out your own oxygen mask before your children’s, this is because you can’t help others unless you help yourself!

Personally, I’ve been struggling with this the last 3 months, the reason I struggle is because the majority of my time is spent working from home as the majority of my business is online. I regularly get tagged in to look after Arthur which prevents me from working, I’m cool with this of course, however when you’re self employed you’re always working and can feel guilty when you’re not. This results is my own time being sacrificed (gym time), I’ve been making it work to an extent, but sometimes only hitting the gym twice a week, this for me has just not been enough. Then when I have squeezed in the time I’ve not eaten correctly (or enough), due to time. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this.

So what can we do? Do we sacrifice our time with the children? Do we train less?

My best piece of advice is putting a plan together, a simple plan that you stick with. 📝

Here are the problems I have and the new solutions.

Problem one - Taking time away from family to train.
Solution, to train when they are sleeping, that’s right! Starting tomorrow I’m going to get up at 5am to go to the gym, everyone is likely still sleeping, my family and my clients. This prevents me from being stuck working or being busy with family.

Problem two - Having time to eat clean.
Solution, prepping food! I’m now going to get back on the prep wagon, I’ve stopped prepping food as I had time in the day to cook etc, this is no longer the case with my business growing fast and my family commitments.

Problem three - Missing out on family time due to work and gym commitments, I’ve structured and planned out my days and done this with my other half (better half), we have put a plan in place so that we both have regular gym time, eating clean time and taking care of the new born time. Today for example, I’m taking both children out and my other half is going to have some time to chill out, breath and hit the gym.

Inevitably this comes down to having help, support and a structure plan in place!

Now it’s your turn, have a think about the problems you have and possible solutions you might have to these problems.

Think who can help you (look after children for an hour).

Then put a realistic plan together and that you can stick with, the times can change, but the core of the plan wants to stay consistent.💥