Christmas Fitness

It’s that time of year again! 

The time for drinking, eating and constantly recovering from hangovers.

So, what happens to our fitness goals? 

What are we to do? 

Do we just say "f#*k it I’ll start back in January", or do we say “I don’t care what time of year it is, nothing get’s in the way of what I want to achieve!"

Both are extremely tempting.

At this time of year I always ask myself the age old questions "WHAT WOULD FATHER CHRISTMAS DO?”.

Then the answer is obvious, you do a bit of both! You think Santa is going to avoid eating the milk and cookies the children leave out for him? HELL NO! He eats those milk and cookies, jumps on his sleigh and cracks open a nice cold bottle of Coca Cola.

However..... Father Christmas knows that he needs to work on Christmas eve and he needs to be fit for it. He knows that Mrs Claus's parents are coming over and he wants to not look fat, he knows that he needs to set a good example to all the elf's that are grafting for him. Remember if you can't look after yourself, you can't look after everyone else. He knows that last year rudolf gave him an ear full after "dragging his 44% body fat all over the world”. He knows that when he ate total junk food he felt tired and accidentally missed a couple of houses, this explains why I didn't receive Donkey Kong for the my Nintendo 64 back in 1999.

Father Christmas knows all this, and that's why this year he is looking better than ever, 1,746 years and only 9% body fat, a true inspiration.

Lets all try and be a bit more like good old Saint Nicholas this year.

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