1 - Only YOU can make the change - Lots of people are consistently looking for that perfect nutrition plan, training programme, supplement, meal replacement shake or some magic potion that will give them the power of hercules AKA steroids. The answer isn’t in the magic potion its within yourself (maybe going a bit deep now), but only you can make the start and make the change, no body else or nothing else will give you the results you seek, only YOU!


2 - Prioritise protein - Protein will aid with recover and muscle development, the more muscle you have the more your body needs to fuel that new founded muscle, therefor you will increase your metabolic rate (if accompanied with resistance training).


3 - Lift heavy things - As previously mentioned, the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism will inevitably be, diets where you just keep eating less and less are massively soul destroying and not realistic long term. You can end up with metabolic adaptation and it will also inhibit performance.


4 - Prep food - This should be a must for anyone who has a busy schedule. If you’re new to this then maybe just prep 5 meals on a Sunday so you have at least got one meal for each working day of the week (put in the freezer) and just develop this over time.


5 - Stop drinking so much alcohol!! - Okay, everyone likes a drink, but if you’re drinking every single weekend with a jolly good hangover day filled with KFC, monster energy and sitting on your ass then this could be the one thing that is holding you back. You can still go out, still enjoy yourself, just maintain an element of self control…..YOU’RE AN ADULT!