Sporty Woman

Much has been publicised about the health benefits of exercise – from helping to control weight and reducing risk of type 2 diabetes to improving mental health. Despite this, four in ten women are not being active enough to enjoy all these rewards.

On hearing the latest statistics released by Sport England, more females might be tempted to sign up to online personal training to help them focus their exercise endeavours so they can really reap benefits from it.

According to the organisation, fewer women are regularly exercising enough to improve their health and wellbeing than men, with 65 per cent of males taking part in active workouts compared with 60 per cent of females.

This is why it is launching the #FitGotReal campaign, as part of the This Girl Can initiative, aimed at encouraging more women to take part in exercise and reduce the gender and social gap in sport.

Chief executive of Sport England Jennie Price said: “Many of the pressures of modern life do not make it easy for women to have the confidence and motivation to be active.”

She stated the new campaign aims to “celebrate the creative and often unconventional ways many women are fitting exercise into their busy lives”.

It has used stories from real women to show how they incorporate exercise into their lives, whether it is jogging with a buggy, cycling to work, doing a workout in the living room, running to pick the kids up from school, or going trampolining with friends.  

Sport England’s recent Active Lives Adult Survey showed that Brits are becoming more aware of the importance of daily exercise, with 297,400 more people doing 150 minutes of activity a week compared with 2017’s figures.