Improve Jogging Technique By Running Quietly

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There are many ways running enthusiasts try to improve their performance – from changing their terrain to increasing their distance and speed. However, one of the best things you can do to hone your technique is to run more quietly.

This is according to Australian running coach Rick Mirabella, who has said reducing the amount of sound you make on the ground when you run will not only make you run at a greater speed, but it can also reduce injuries.

Speaking with Honey Coach, he said: “Seven times our body weight goes through our tendons and joints every time we take a step, so we need to try to limit that force.”

By listening to feet as they hit the floor and determining the cadence – or stride rate of steps per minute – joggers can help improve their performance.

Rick went on to say: “Runners with a heavy foot plant will be around 150 steps per minute – they’re spending a lot longer on the ground, which isn’t good because they’re putting a lot more force [through their joints].”

The quiet – or soft – jogging style will see fitness enthusiasts have a cadence of between 180 and 190 steps per minute. This shows that running more softly has a direct impact on speed.

Salford University’s Running Performance Clinic also looked at running styles recently, revealing that many runners who regularly suffered from injuries were making common mistakes.

The findings, published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, showed those who had a side-to-side pelvic drop, an outstretched leg, a greater forward lean, and a high foot angle on the floor were more likely to suffer from sports injuries.

If you want to maintain your favourite hobby for as long as possible without causing yourself harm, why not sign up to an online personal trainer who can give you expert advice on jogging techniques that will boost your performance and keep you safe?