Could Fitness Watches Add Years To Your Life?

Fitness fans have been using step trackers for a few years now, with the devices helping them keep up with their exercise goals.

While those who use them can attest they are great at helping wearers to improve technique and speed, keep an eye on diet, increase water consumption, and take more steps, some experts have now gone so far as to say they can add years on to your life.

Researchers conducted a study, commissioned by health insurers Vitality, to determine the effectiveness of devices such as the Apple Watch in encouraging healthier behaviour, looking at 400,000 people of varying fitness levels over two years, the Mail Online reported.

They found that those who used the tracker along with a reward scheme increased their activity levels by 4.8 days a month, which amounts to two years throughout the course of a life.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who benefited most were the participants who were least active to start with, with American wearers who had a high body mass index boosting their activity by 200 per cent.

The news provider quoted the scientists behind the study as saying: “When more unhealthy individuals take up an incentive of this kind, the results can lead on average to a more pronounced behaviour change than we see in already relatively more active individuals.”

However, the report found that activity levels increased among all participants, no matter how fit they were to begin with.

As well as the watches, they had the incentive of not having to pay any health insurance if they met their monthly exercise targets.

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