Fitness Coach - The reason I went 100% online!

For those of you who don’t know, last week was my last week of doing in person/face to face personal training. I’ve been training people 1-1 along with coaching online for many years and have done over 4000 one to one personal training sessions! I loved it, I really did!

My intention was always to go fully online, but it didn’t make the process any less emotional as I’ve been coaching some of my clients for well over 4 years and consider them great friends.

Online Personal Trainer

Why Online Personal Training?

You’re probably wondering why I’ve gone fully online, if I loved in person PT so much. Well, the short answer is I love Online PT more, but let’s go into more detail:


Time is my number one asset, time with family, friends and time to grow my following to positively impact more and more people.

Providing The Best Fitness Coaching Service in the UK

This is my main goal, personally I truly believe that I’m already providing the best service you can obtain throughout the UK, but better is always better, I now have time to really take things to the next level!

Online Personal Training/Fitness Coaching is the best!

I appreciate that some people work better with an in person personal trainer, but when you look at the Price of Online Personal Training versus face to face personal training, it really does out way the pros of working with an in gym PT. Here’s something to think about, with choosing an in person personal trainer you are very limited, as you can only choose a PT who is local to you. With Online Personal Training you can work with any PT of your choice, from anywhere in the world. The top end Online Personal Trainer prices are still (generally) a lot cheaper than working with a local trainer.

In conclusion

I believe in person personal training will always have it’s place, but Online PT is the future!