What Foods Make You Fat?

Okay, yes, I’ve got you to check out this post with an almost misleading heading as you’re probably expecting me to put out of list of foods that you can simply avoid and therefor not gain any unnecessary pounds.

Unfortunately, there are no foods that directly link to you gaining fat, I’ll say that again to give a bit more punch to this post…. THERE ARE NO FOODS THAT DIRECTLY LINK TO YOU GAINING FAT!

This is because it’s not the foods fault, it’s the sheer amount of it people tend to put in their mouth.

The only foods you need to avoid are the ones where you tend to massively overeat, the ones that are incredible calorie dense or the ones you know you’re intolerant to, it’s as simple as that!

“Andy, how do I know what foods I am intolerant to?” Trust me, if there is a type of food that doesn’t sit well with you, whether that’s gluten, diary, or something else that’s trending at the time, YOU WILL KNOW! If you have nailed half a ton of cheese, you’ll likely have an upset stomach, this does’t mean you’re lactose intolerant, this means you’re lacking self control…… and are also a bit of a legend for consuming a record breaking amount of cheese. People who are lactose intolerant can’t look at a cheese without shitting their pants.

Just focus on eating whole, nutrient dense foods whilst having a diet that is rich in protein…….and plenty of coffee, for no other reason than coffee is awesome! Have the odd treat, eat out once a week, drink when the occasion calls for it, then simply controlling your intake will take care of the fat loss.

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