Building your dream body

Unless you’re one of my clientele you’ll unlikely know that I have moved house this week, unlike London, the house prices where I live are affordable, so essentially I can get a lot for a modest budget, the house has 4 floors (massive) and is circa 150 years old, it’s safe to say that it needs a LOT of work.

The question is how long will it take us to get this house just how we like it…..months…..years? 

Definitely the latter! It will certainty take many years to get it how we really want it and then an endless amount of tweaks and changes over time…. that’s right ENDLESS!

It got me thinking, body composition is very similar, we invest months and even years getting our body how we like it and we make subtle tweaks and changes over time.

Like investing time and money into a house, developing the body of your dreams takes time, hard work, dedications and often if you want to speed up the process it also takes money (gym membership, classes, coach ;) etc).

Not everyones goals take years, I’ve worked with clients who have transformed their bodies in a couple of months, but more often than not people will have goals that take a long time. 

Dream body

So, do we just spend two years of our life being unhappy and calling ourselves fat, living in a body /house that’s not just how we want it? HELL NO! We embrace our imperfections and see them as beautiful, but we also appreciate that things could be better, so we work on them, we improve, but we need to make sure we enjoy every step of the journey because this shit will takes time!