This post is going to be short and sharp...... basically I just wanted to use this hilarious meme, but let's take this time to talk about cardio.

I'm not going to lie, I'm awesome at cardio! I'm a natural runner! (Joking.... not joking) But I do find it disgustingly painful, especially rowing. So do we really need to force ourselves to do cardio????

The short answer is no, if you have gifted genetics then you can most likely get amazing results without even looking at a cross trainer, but for most of us mere mortals we will need to utilise it for the fat loss and the many health benefits that come with it.
Saying all this you don't need to do the amount of cardio most people do (unless you're training for an endurance event or it's your goal).

What I would generally recommend is a couple of short and sharp HIIT sessions a week or just 3-5 minutes of HIIT training at the end of your session, you will be surprised how well this will work.

Remember if your goals are fat loss and not endurance then you should be focusing on developing lean muscle tissue in the gym and reducing body fat outside the gym!

This post has been longer than I thought, but I personally like it.