Monday motivation! (VIDEO)

Monday motivation....... 
The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants
So I'm generally not that into all those motivation videos to a great degree, I don't wake up 30 minutes early to listen to Tony Robbins to try and get myself into some kind of motivational state. However....... this post is not about getting people motivated it's about opening your f**king eyes. We spend a lot of time in the gym, and the majority of people in the gym don't get the results they want or expected, but why? They are eating better and training consistently.... So why are some of us not getting the results we want?? 
The answer is....... INTENSITY!!!!!
I'm not just talking about a Rocky training montages kind of intensity, I'm talking about pushing your body outside it's comfort zone and pushing it further than you ever thought possible.
Intensity beats volume every time, people can spend a full hour or longer in the gym doing numerous reps and sets, followed by 1 hour of swimming, when they could have just done the same with 30 minutes of a couple of quality compound sets, pushing them selves to the limit on each set followed by 4 minutes of interval training.
The thing you should take away from this is to simply push yourself! Stop sticking with the same light weight you have been lifting the past 5 months! Just get in the gym, do the work and then get out.! If you do this correctly you might find yourself only needing to train 3 times a week instead of 7.
Yes I know when it comes to results your genetics will play a big part, but are you really pushing yourself to reach your genetic potential?