Why is the fitness industry so contradicting?

Online Personal Trainer

This is what happens to a lot of people…… Something happens that makes you want to get your shit together, maybe you try and fit into some clothes that used to fit and are now screaming.

You decide to take things seriously, a quick google search makes things seem relatively simple, but the next article you read completely contradicts the first one, now you’re confused and it doesn’t stop there, the more you read the more confusing its gets.

So why is this?

Well, as you know a large part of the worlds main objective in life is to make a shed load of money, and the way they do that in the fitness industry is by adjusting the facts slightly in an attempt to sell their products……or they just have no clue about human physiology.

You see, fat loss and muscle building is very simple, the confusing stuff is not that important and half the time it’s just marketing. It’s cool to know, but it’s not needed for 95% of gym goers.

Let’s look at the facts:

Fat loss goals - Train hard, eat clean, make sure you’re in a slight caloric deficit (tracking is key). STAY CONSISTENT AND GIVE IT TIME.

Muscle building: Lift weights, make sure you’re progressively lifting more than you could in the prevues month (tracking is key). Make sure you’re eating a sufficient amount of food in order to put you in enough of an anabolic state to build muscle tissue, you need to fuel muscle building. STAY CONSISTENT AND GIVE IT TIME.

Often a muscle building plan can look very similar to a fat loss plan, the main difference is the calorie intake and macros nutrient ratios. Regarding actual exercise choice, someone with a fat loss goal would likely need to do more cardio, but it’s not essential.

If you want to learn more that’s great, personally I’m always trying to progress my knowledge further, but you need to make sure you’re nailing the basics, STAYING CONSISTENT AND GIVING IT TIME.