My number one best piece of advice………

A guy in the gym asked me a really good question today“Andy, if you could give once piece of training advice, what would it be?”


Now, tons of things came to my head, train hard, stay consistent, eat plenty of protein, don’t use Herbalife, lift heavy things, train your legs, don’t buy stupid fitness products like those weird abs stimulator things just because someone like Cristiano Ronaldo says he uses it……….All of these would have been good bits of advice……… but I didn’t say any of those, after about 3-5 seconds of thinking I said “Track your training and nutrition”.

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After I said it I was wondering if it was actually the best answer……. what is the best answer???


The more I think about it the more I think it was a good answer….. great answer in fact.


When you track you can see progress, before you see progress...let me explain. A lot of people get disheartened when they don’t look a certain way after a couple of months of training. This is because they are measuring their progress/success by body composition alone, they forget how much stronger, faster and how much their diet has improved. This is because they haven’t tracked their nutrition or their training, they don’t know how much fitter they are.


You see, training is a lot more enjoyable when you’re can see progress, if you focus a lot on getting stronger and getting faster, trust we when I say you’ll have a decent change in body composition. 


Do athletes train to look like athletes? No, they train to be athletes and their inspirational body composition is just a by-product of their hard work and consistency.


Most of us are naturally quite competitive, and although it might not be a good idea to try and compete or compare ourselves with other people, I truly believe we should always be competing with ourselves and constantly trying to better ourselves both psychologically and physiologically.