Fat Loss Tip - Eat plenty of protein 

Okay, as you’ll can tell from my post a couple of weeks ago, I’m very excited for Christmas, I know there are a lot of haters out there who think it’s too early “It hasn’t even been Halloween yet!” I know this, I’m not crazy. I’m just excited.

My thoughts being “How can I get everyone else as excited as I am”, when I say everyone I mean my 6000 followers….. 200 people who actually look at my posts……okay, the 30 people who actually read to the end of my posts…..so this is for you lovely people! I’ll be doing a count down to Christmas, every single day (for the next 80 days) I’ll be providing you lovely people with a fat loss tip of the day. 

Here is the first one….. you ready??? You excited??? 

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Fat loss tip #1 Eat plenty of protein 

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Okay, I’ll admit these might not end up being the most ground braking tips, but the basics are key!

Why should I eat plenty of protein?

When you eat foods that contain protein your digestive system goes to work, it breaks down the protein in food into basic units called amino acids. The amino acids then can be reused to make the proteins your body needs to build and maintain muscles tissue, protein does other cool things within the body as well, but lets keep it simple.

When you’re dropping body fat to achieve an athletic physique, you’ll need to build/maintain as much muscle as possible, when you drop you caloric intake to stimulate fat loss, you’ll have a good chance of breaking down muscle tissue (as well as fat). Protein intake is a great way to help avoid muscle loss.

How much protein should we consume? Well, there are a LOT of factors to take into consideration here such as body type, muscle mass, activity level, goals, lifestyle, basal metabolic rate and more, but you should be consuming from 1.4 to 2 grams per kg of bodyweight (in my opinion), but I have often had great success with clients consuming more than 2 grams per kg of bodyweight.

Eat plenty of protein