Celebrity results

So I've watched the new LOGAN film, loved it!! 

Even though in this film Hugh Jackman is not the most shredded he has ever been, it still had me thinking as to how these celebrities always manage to get in such great shape.

Is it because they have a top end knowledgeable coach taking them step by step through their transformation?

Is it because they have the money to pay a chef to cook the most delicious foods that fit their macros?

Or maybe it's because they HAVE TO get in that shape?

I have no doubt that they all play a big part, but not all are affordable, the one thing that is always affordable is sheer will and determination and this is the one that will play the biggest part. 

You see many of these actors are far from in great shape when they accept these film roles, but they accept the role and accept that they need to get in amazing shape. They have many people counting on them to get in great shape and lots of money riding on it.

So how can you take inspiration from these actors?

Just tell yourself that you MUST get in great shape, NOT SHOULD, you MUST get in great shape. 

You see if you MUST do something you WILL do it! It is a MUST! 

Make yourself accountable by telling your closest friends what you are going to achieve, not what you want, but what you're going to achieve, post it on Facebook, you can even post it below this post. 

Not everybody wants to be absolutely shredded, but the same rules apply for if you want to just get in a good healthy shape.

Remember if you want to look like an athlete you need to train like one!

If you want to look like a monster you need to train like one! 

And if you want to simply look healthier, well you need to stop reading, stop scrolling through your Facebook adopt the press up position and start this journey.