Smaller or more athletic

Smaller or more athletic?

This is a question I often ask clients when they are on a fat loss journey.

Smaller/skinny guide:
-Eat less calories
-Do a lot of training which burns a lot of calories
-Train frequently 4-8 times per week
-Eat majority of your carbohydrates around training days

Athletic/toned guide:
-Control calories (enough to optimise muscle development and recovery)
-Focus on building muscle in the gym
-With your cardio you need to focus on developing performance (aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, max heart rate etc), not just burning calories
-Train like an athlete (train hard, track progress and strive to get better and better)

Far be it for me to tell people how they should look or strive to look. However training to look like an athlete is a lot healthier, rewarding and results in a lot more sustainable physique due to the increase in muscle tissue.

Now I didn’t want to put a picture of a skinny girl vs an athletic girl on this post, I believe Facebook already has plenty of half naked fitness professional. So here is a picture of a kitten instead, everyone likes kittens.