Calories in vs calories out

That's right! We are going back to basics!

But is it that simple?

I recently had a discussion with a gym member regarding this, they said people just need to eat less and move more.

If I'm honest, this is true for some people, but definitely not everyone, in fact most people I come across don't necessarily eat too much, they just eat the wrong foods.

One of my female clients for example is eating between 1580 to 1800 calories per day, when she started at her heaviest she was eating less than 1000 per day. She is eating more food than she's ever eaten and she's still losing body fat.

Now without going too nerdy, let's simplify things, firstly no two people are the same, some people have faster metabolisms and some people not so fast. For those of you who are not gifted with a fast metabolism do not worry! You can turn your body into a fat burning machine with these three simple steps:

1- Eat foods to optimise your health and performance, not foods that simply satisfy your hunger.

2- Focus on developing lean muscle tissue inside the gym, not just on burning calories. Burning calories is easy, you're burning calories as you're reading this. 
The more muscle you have the more calories will be utilised to fuel that new muscle.

3- Enjoy it! 
Too many people set themselves unrealistic goals and then starve themselves whist performing the most soul destroying cardio workouts ever performed in a gym, and they wonder why they only lasted a month. Remember this is a long term lifestyle choice. Once you start your new programme ask yourself "can I stick to this for longer than a month?" If the answer is "no" you'll need to seriously rethink the programme.