Weight loss vs fat loss

Now this post will be long, but if you bear with it then you’ll be all the wiser at the end.

I feel like this is a topic where people generally fail to get it right, and getting this right is one of the keys to sustainable results.

Let me explain why, you see WEIGHT loss is simple, you just need to look at one simple variable……the calories. The first Law of Thermodynamics (energy balance), basically states that in a closed system, energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed or transferred (calories in vs calories out). So, if you want to gain weight you eat more (increase the energy input) and if you want to lose weight then you do the opposite (reduce the energy input)….. simple.

There are very few other factors to take into consideration.


Now thats cleared up, lets talk about FAT loss.

Fat loss is what is says on the tin, you’re trying to burn fat, not muscle tissue, not water, you’re primarily targeting the fat.

You still need to address The first Law of Thermodynamics , but you have also need to retain muscle tissue. Now, the main way you do this is by stimulating the muscle by putting plenty of mechanical tension through the full range of motion (lifting heavy weights and no half squatting). Making sure the calories don’t go too low, because if they do your body will be forced to breakdown muscle to be used as energy. Then we have to look at protein intake (protein helps build and recover muscle), so you need plenty in order to preserve muscle tissue.

So, why is fat loss the key to sustainable results?

When you do it the healthy and right way you’ll feel better, look better, have more energy and you’ll have a good amount of muscle with a low amount of fat AKA shredded. The more muscle tissue you have the faster your metabolic rate, therefore, the easier it will be to retain your results.

Now, I spent about 45 minutes looking for a decent picture for this post, but I couldn’t find anything. So here is a picture of a pea with a smile…..

Weight loss vs fat loss