“I wish I was naturally fit!”

“I wish I was naturally fit!”

“I wish I had good genetics!”

Now, as much as people can have very gifted genetics, if they are in great shape they have obviously had to work for it too!

Many people will look at someone who is in great shape and undermine all the hard work they had to put into their physique, by saying it’s all due to their genetics.

Trust me they had to work for what they have, and work hard!

If you want to achieve great results then you need to put in the work!

If you find it hard to gain muscle and you say it’s your genetics, maybe you’re right, but maybe you’re not working hard enough. Can you tell me if you have lifted more this week than last week, have you even tracked this? I’m sure you’re in a calorie surplus in order to build sufficient muscle tissue, yes? Are you even tracking this? 

Alternately, you might want to focus on reducing body fat and toning up, I’m sure you know how many calories you’re consuming each day? Ohh you don’t know? Maybe you’re eating too much, or just eating too much on the weekends.

These might sound very patronising, it’s because they are, now I wouldn’t say this directly to someone, because it is patronising and I’m not a d#*k. However, let me say it indirectly to everyone as it does give people something to think about and if you’re currently struggling that much that you have convinced yourself that it’s due to your genetics then maybe you need to have a realisation, the realisation that if you put in a little bit more work or train a bit smarter then this could be enough to stimulate amazing changes.


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