Do we like eating clean? 😶

Hmmmm, now this is a tough one to answer 🤔

If you put in front of me a Big Mac meal, full fat coke and a mcflurry vs chicken and broccoli. I would rather eat the McDonald's, I'm not going to lie, I'm human, we all are, plus McDonald's is nice, really nice, so damn nice!😬

However, I know that if I consumed that crap consistently I would have a host of health issues, such as an increased risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, increased body fat, the list goes on🤢

Now, if you have the odd McDonald's it will not make you fat, or unhealthy. Just like eating one plate of chicken and broccoli is not going to make you lean.

The main thing is being balanced and if you want to tip the odds in your favour, you're best off avoiding too many McDonald's meal 😧

A big part of having a healthy lifestyle and consistently pushing forward is having a bit of good old fashioned self discipline💂‍♀

You want to eat that McDonald's?
Of course you do, who wouldn't?
Should you eat it? 
Will it negatively or positively impact your goals?
Maybe if you eat the McDonalds it will reset your mindset and refocus you for the rest of the week!
Maybe not though!
Ask yourself these questions and make a judgment call based on your goals, if you’re one of my clients you will likely need to track this and answer for it👨‍⚖

As much as at that present moment I would choose the McDonald's, I would much rather choose the healthy eating lifestyle as it gives me more energy, it increases my performance, increases my energy levels, optimises my recovery and gives me a general feeling of awesomeness 😎

Stick to the 90% rule - 90% clean, 10% not so clean.