Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! 🎅

Yes I’ll be the first to say it!

This is the best time to get super shredded!

Wait! What? Summer is the time to get shredded….. Isn’t it?

Okay, yes, maybe, personally I love being in great shape and feeling awesome during the festive season as it when friends and family come to visit and I know that I’m going to relax a bit in December. That means we now have two month (until the start of December) to get in that great of a shape that we can afford to gain a couple of pounds over christmas and new year.

Here is a very affective plan you can follow to get Shredded for Christmas:

Step 1️⃣- Set yourself a goal! It can be a goal weight, dress size, body fat %, total cm’s, whatever it is, just make sure you can track it.

Step 2️⃣ - Break that goal down into weeks or months and make sure you’re on track each month/week.

Step 3️⃣ - Book the gym time and food prep into your calendar (with reminders), these times can change, but never cancelled.

Step 4️⃣ - Buy yourself a nice dress/suit and shirt that you wish to wear and fit in for Christmas and new year, and make sure you fit into it on Chrismas day (no gift recite as you will hit that goal!).

Step 5️⃣- Tell your friends and family about your new goals, tell the post man, your butcher, the receptionist at the gym, the guy in costa who always puts a cool leaf in your coffee, even post it on Facebook, this will get it out in the open and it will allow more people to help and support you towards this goals.

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