Okay, so I don't like to talk about myself much on here, I think there are far too many self obsessed people within my industry, but let me breakdown my training experiences for you all.

👶🏻I started when I was about 12 doing press ups and sit ups...why??? Because I wanted to look like Bruce Lee of course!

👱🏻Once I hit about 14 I started lifting weights and running

💂🏻Aged 16 I joined the army and focused my training around that

At 17 I joined the battalion boxing team and became all about boxing

🏔18 I climbed mount Kenya

🔫 I was in Afghanistan when 19 and geared my training around strength and conditioning when not on patrol

🏋 When I came back from Afghan I became an All Arms Physical Training Instructor, with my job being to keep everyone fit and healthy I wanted to look strong, but also wanted to make my workouts look cool as hell, so I did mainly body building with the odd CrossFit workout for some added conditioning. I left the army and continued to train people, but I did this as a civilian

In recent years, I have focused my attention on becoming strong as hell and competed in a strong man competition, where I came second in my weight class

💪 Evidently, I have had a varied training history and enjoy a bit of everything.

You see, fitness isn't just about looking good naked, it's not just about having big muscles, being the fastest or the strongest, although we can all always pursue these kick ass goals. In my humble opinion it's about the experience and constantly striving to better yourself. Stronger than you were yesterday, faster than you were last week and, yes, if those abs make a guest appearance we can't complain. 

I have no doubt that you can reach your desired body composition goal if you set your mind to it, but if you want to maintain it then it needs to be fun and part of you lifestyle

Happy training!

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