2018 Fat Loss/Shredded Guide

Step One - Get rid of the left over chocolate, alcohol and party food, not easy I know

Step Two - Start tracking your food (Use MyFitnessPal), don’t get me wrong, you can achieve great results without tracking your calorie intake and just focusing on eating healthy, but lets not be ignorant to the biggest factor regarding body composition which is indisputably the calories

Step Three - Search the internet for the latest meal replacement shake, diet pill, or unicorn magic supplement, something like Herbalife…. wait…. is Herbalife still around?

Step Four - Realise that step three is bullshit and do it the real way, with real food and real results!

Step Five - Join a gym, don’t get me wrong you can get great results training at home, but joining a gym is a massive positive commitment to your goals and lifestyle

Step Six - Stop eating shit!

Step Seven - Stop Drinking shit! Majority of what you drink on a daily basis should be water, if you want the odd treat everyone and then I would advise a low/zero calorie drink, like Coke Zero. I would also recommend coffee, it’s been shown to increase your metabolism and…. well…. I just like drinking coffee.

Step Eight - Focus on increasing strength in the gym by progressively increasing the weights you lift and gradually increasing the volume, trust me when I say the results will follow.

Step Nine - Finish your workouts with a bit of HIIT, you don’t always need to do endless amounts of cardio, especially when your calories are in check, 4 minutes of HIIT is plenty for most people

Step Ten - Set up a brand new gym playlist, stop listening to "Big Shaq - Mans Not Hot" and set up a playlist containing music that will really get you working hard, this is obviously personal preference, but some personal favourites of mine are:

Korn - Right Now

AC/DC - Back In Black

The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

Linkin Park - Numb

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

The Who - Baby O’Riley

The list goes on….

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