[Story Time] - Cardio vs Weights

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So, I’m in the gym minding my own business, shoulder pressing the 50’s..... okay the 25’s, and a guy on the bench next to me says “they’re not going to get anywhere doing that are they!?”

Now, as I looked, I could see he was referring to the people on the treadmills.
I believe he was suggesting that they will not achieve great physiques by just walking on treadmills, he might be right, if he was suggesting that they’re not going to cover any real distance whilst walking on a consistently revolving running belt, then he is definitely right! From his tone I highly doubt the latter, although that is a new gym joke people can now use, you’re welcome.

I was wondering why he was trying to have this conversation with myself, he didn’t know me nor my opinions on cardiovascular exercises. I can only assume he was talking to me because at this point there was a copious amount of blood pumping into my shoulders due to the 50’s.....25’s, this made them shine like Orion’s Belt, he must of thought, this guy knows his shit. I responded with a smile and a slight nod, this isn’t because I agree with such judgmental beliefs, I’m just a nice guy. It did however get me thinking, how does he know what everyone’s goal is?
Maybe, that person wants to be able to walk 1km on a 10 degree incline at an average speed of 1km an hour, if that’s the case they’re all fucking smashing it!
Maybe they prefer having a slightly above average body fat percentage.
Maybe, this is the only time they have away from family and work stresses and they just want to walk on a treadmill, turn their brain off and watch Jeremy Kyle on the gyms big screen.

Now, all joking aside, none of us know the goals of people in the gym, some people just want to move more and be a bit healthier, and that’s awesome!!

The gym can be a scary place for a lot of people and it becomes scarier when people are openly judging them!

If we look at what is optimal, then cardio can be great for fat loss and body composition. Weights can be great for fat loss, body composition, strength and are generally more beneficial long term, so generally more optimal for most people, but nutrition is what will fuel the changes. Having said that, we all have got to take the journey that we enjoy and we’ll stick with! Health and fitness isn’t just about trying to look a certain way, it’s about constantly trying to improve yourself, investing in yourself, and becoming the strongest version of yourself both physically and mentally!

P.S for my clients reading this thinking “Hey Andy! You always give me a hard time if I don’t train right!” Yes, this is true, but I know your goals and it’s my responsibility to get you there 💪