Tips For A Well-Rounded Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a balanced mix of making sure you eat well and exercising often - but we know that many of our clients turn to an online fitness coach based in the UK because finding the motivation to keep up with your exercise can be difficult. Of course, a great personal trainer can also help you with your diet and general wellness with handy tips

Make sure that you drink enough water each day, it’s important to remember that our bodies are already made up of 60 per cent water and eight glasses of water each day is the ideal amount to ensure your body can function to the best of its ability.

Ensure you are managing a full restful sleep each night - it is recommended that you have around seven to eight hours sleep which is undisturbed. Avoid junk food just before going to bed as this can keep you awake.

Exercising regularly is essential to maintaining optimal health, doing so can help you to live longer by keep your weight at a healthy level, increasing and improving your bone density and also will lower your chances of getting many diseases. If your struggle with motivation, choose exercises you enjoy to keep you interested, and perhaps try out a class or sport you’ve never had a go at before! Getting a PT is a great way to stay motivated too.

Make sure you are eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, as these contain lots of vitamins and minerals with help with the overall functioning of your body and can also improve your skin and brighten complexion. Fruit and vegetables should be consumed seasonally to be most cost effective for your shopping budget. Eating small portions of lots of different varieties every single day is the best way to improve and strengthen your immune system.

Try to restrict the consumption of unhealthy processed foods in your diet. Processed food often contain lots of additives, some of which can be harmful to your health. Some great switches that are just as satisfying are switching from oven or fried chips to a baked potato and fruit juices to fresh fruit as you’ll be fuller from the fibre they contain.

Make sure you are happy and confident with yourself, live your life in a way that makes you most happy to ensure you keep a positive outlook. Remove any toxic people from your life that you feel bring negativity - it’s essential to surround yourself with friends that genuinely have you best interests at heart.

A great way to maintain a great diet is to eat little and often, reducing your portions slightly will help you to maintain your perfect weight or reach your goals. It can also help with those that suffer from digestive problems and help to beat cravings.