The Right Way To Run To Avoid Injuries Revealed

Group Of Runners On The Finish Line Of An Exciting Marathon Race

Runners who like nothing more than feeling the ground beneath their feet as they pound the pavement have been advised to look at their jogging style, as they might be running the wrong way.

This is according to researchers at Salford University’s Running Performance Clinic, who analysed the running style of 72 men and women who suffered from regular injuries, including shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) and runners knee (patellofemoral pain).

Using 3D infrared cameras they then compared these to the technique used by 36 joggers who never suffered from injuries, with the results published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

They were able to identify the common mistakes made by those who regularly suffered from pain due to their favourite hobby.

Chris Bramah, who led the group of scientists, said: “We can hopefully use this information to help runners recover from injury and prevent future injuries happening.”

They found that the posture most likely to result in an injury was side-to-side pelvic drop, running with one hip higher than the other at each step.

Other ‘mistakes’ included the outstretched leg, a greater forward lean, and a high foot angle on the floor.

According to the researchers, the best way to run is with a straight back, not leaning forward; level hips; a low foot angle; and not bending in legs with each step.

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