Why Am I Not Losing Fat


Hello internet, this will be one of my longer, more informative videos, so it’s therefore not for everyone, but if you’re one of these people who feel like you have tried everything and still can’t see any results, and have an attention span that lasts longer that 5 minutes, then keep watching. 

You no longer need to keep stressing over why you are not losing weight and the uncertainty of why this mighty be the case as it will without doubt be one of these three issues:

 1- Shit or no Nutrition Plan (eating/drinking too much)

2- Shit or no Training Plan (training with no structure and training like a fairy)

3- Medical Condition 

Once you have ruled out number three with a trip to the GP, you can be quite sure that it’s number 1 or 2, or likely a mixture of the two. This might feel like this is some harsh truths, but the amount of people who have started working me with the illusion that they have tried everything is simply unbelievable.

I know far too many people who are struggling and getting frustrated that they’re not losing fat, but have no idea how many calories they’re consuming each day and how many calories they should be consuming, this is like complaining that the recipe you followed tastes like crap, yet you didn’t actually follow the instructions. 

Let’s step into the shoes of someone who has “tried everything” and what their day generally looks like:

“I don’t drink much”

“I train four times per week” 

“I hardly eat at all”

However, this is usually what this persons week looks like:

- They don’t eat much…yet each evening they have a dessert containing upwards of 500 calories. 

- They train four times per week…yet they don’t follow a plan, so they don’t train at all, they workout four times a week, trust me there is a difference.

- They don’t drink much…yet this weekend they did get drunk because it was their best friends birthday, actually the weekend before they celebrated a christening…..you can see where I’m going with this.

 Let’s say your evening treat adds up to 300 calories, you have that 5 days a week, it ends up being 1,500 calories, now let’s factor in the the 4 Jaeger Bombs on the weekend (632 calories)….. I love Jaeger Bombs…and then the 4 pints (720 calories). Ohhh, let’s not forget the Big Mac meal you had as a “1 off treat” (1,120 calories). Maybe this is an exaggeration….maybe not.

A big issue I find is that people who eat like this think it’s normal, they think that they have just been dealt a slow metabolism hand. “All my friends are stick thin and they eat the same as me”, how do you know the eating habits off all your friends? Yes, they might go out every weekend the same as you, but they are a lot more active in the week as they don’t have an office job, or they only have an evening treat on a Friday, yet you have one everyday. 

Actually, if we look at the research, the differences with metabolic rates are generally really small. One study done by the Department of Medicine at the University of Vermont in the USA, noted that in humans, the coefficient of variation in the components of total daily energy expenditure is around 5-8% for resting metabolic rate. If you look at the research further we can simplify it, assume an average expenditure of 2000kcal a day, 68% of the population would then falls into the range of 1840-2160kcal calorie burn daily while 96% of the population is in the range of 1680-2320 calories burn daily. Even if we then go to the extremes ends of the scale there would only be a 600 calorie difference between you and your friend, but the chance of this occurring less than 1%, so it’s very unlikely your friends metabolic rate is much higher than yours.

People will see a snap shot of someones life and think it’s their normality. 

Let’s take me for example, I eat out most days on the weekend, and I’ll likely treat myself to the odd Costa panini and maybe the odd chocolate in the week. However, I train four times per week…. I mean properly train, I drink a ton of water, I’m very active through the days, most months I don’t drink any alcohol, my regular meals and my calorie intake are inline with my goals.

So, this is not me saying that you should completely eliminate all these treats, because as you can see, I don’t! What I am saying is that you need to be a bit more self aware of what you’re doing through the week and how that will affect your body composition. You need to take control of your body and mind set and not let anything hold you back from what you’re aiming to achieve!

Using an online calculator you can get an estimation of where your basal metabolic rate is right now by simply googling “Online Calorie Calculator”, this will not be 100% accurate, but it’ll give you an idea. After about 1-2 weeks of sticking to the calculated calories you can check your weight and even do some measurements, check if you have gained or lost size then adjust accordingly. 

If you don’t wish to use an online calorie calculator and wish to take a more methodical approach, then why not try out Online Personal Training for your bespoke training and nutrition plan with specific calories and macros.