Clean Eating

“Andy, how can you just eat clean all the time?”

The best way to answer this question is in two words……(pause for affect)…. “I don’t!”

I don’t eat clean all the time, I do eat my fair share of “unhealthy food”, I’m currently writing this whilst drinking a flat white (full fat), and tucking away on a cheese and ham toastie.     

However, I manage to stay relatively lean all year round, when I say relatively lean, I sometimes just manage to hold onto a 3 pack, best way for me to describe this is by saying there is simply too much fat to see the other 3 pack. 

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, getting lean and staying lean is like brushing your teeth, you don’t just brush your teeth 4 times per day for one month then take 3 months off, you brush them every day, twice a day, for ever…… Luckily our bodies don’t need that kind of volume or frequency, but they do need some consistency and they will thank you for your discipline. You don’t get fat by eating one “unhealthy meal” and you don’t get shredded by eating one “clean meal”.

Having said all that, if you’re currently overweight and unhappy about it, then you need to put your foot firmly on the accelerator, until you’re content with your body composition, once you’re happy, you can then have a slightly lackadaisical approach to your nutrition, you have earned it!

Nothing more cringy than taking a picture of your food in a coffee shop, so here’s is a picture of groundskeeper Willie instead….

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