Online Personal Training Results 

Personal Training and Online Coaching are both absolutely amazing services and you are likely to massively fast track your results by working with either a face to face personal trainer or an online coach. All of the top athletes in the world have coaches!

What I’m going to talk about is which one (if any) is best for you and which achieves the superior results.

I worked as a face to face personal trainer for many years before I fully jumped into the online coaching world. Of course as a fully online coach, I’m likely to tell you that online is the way froward and yes….for a lot of people it is, it’s a lot more cost effective and you don’t have geographical limitations regarding your choice of coach, you can work with any coach, anywhere in the world. 

Having said all that, many people do need to have a face to face coach, some people need someone waiting for them at the gym, otherwise they don’t go and some really do need hands-on coaching. Many times when I coached people face to face I had to physically pull clients shoulder blades together during pull / row movements to help them understand how scapular retraction should feel, and some people do need this.

What I have found though is people do get better results when working online, bold statement I know! This this could be due to the demographic that would opt for Online Personal Training as opposed to a face to face coaching. People who go for Online Coaching might be a bit more self-motivated compared to someone who would prefer to work with a face to face PT, thus prepared to do important stuff away from their session that massively contributes to their results, like following their macros, calories as well as nailing daily goals like step counts and water intake. No matter how skilled you are as a Personal Trainer, there is only so much you can do during a one hour PT session, it’s the stuff that clients do away from the sessions that makes all the difference. Often we find that people who pay for PT sessions don’t always train outside those sessions and coaches don’t always have the resources to track said clients outside of the gym, this is a generalisation I know, but is too often true. With Online Coaching you’re not paying for a PT session, you’re paying for a training plan and a nutrition plan, therefor you are more likely to follow these plans. I’ll add that you’re also paying for results and to have the support needed by an experienced coach, but you can get this with either choice. 

In summary, Online Personal Training is not better than face to face PT, but for those results driven individuals, it’s often the best choice!

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