Easter Weekend Nutrition Plan

Easter weekend is over and we’ve all eaten an excessive amount of chocolate. With the sun being out, you might have also eaten your fair share of ice cream. 

So what do we do to “get back on the wagon”?

Well, we’ve got to first understand that there is no wagon, because health, fitness, muscle building and fat loss progression is not linear. If you are wise you’ll have long term health and fitness goals and because of this reason we’re going to hit the odd special occasion on the way.

All we can do is simply enjoy and embrace these occasions when they come around. 

Fitness is about enriching your life, not hindering it, it makes chocolate taste so much better when you’ve not been eating it every f**king day. It makes the view up snowdon look all that more glorious when you’ve walked up there rather than used the train. Did you ever jump on the low carb trend? Then eat an apple after two weeks of no sugar? Holy sh*t, that was the best apple ever! Your healthy lifestyle allows you to enjoy these occasion that little bit more and enjoy them in the body you want, the body you earned! 

If you can’t give yourself a few days to enjoy, not binge, just enjoy these occasions, then you’ve likely not got the healthiest relationship with food. Food is meant to be enjoyed!

So following Easter’s infamous pursuit for diabetes, you do not need to starve yourself, you don’t need to “catch up” your sessions, you don’t need to up your cardio and/or step count, you just need to get back into your normal, healthy routine. 

Easter Nutrition