Spongebob's results ........

Andy Griffiths - Expert PT

Amazing 1 month transformation off my personal training client Spongebob.......

Okay, this is incredible, and he has surpassed all expectations, a true inspiration!

This did have me questioning how he did this, my programming is good, but not that good.

So I asked away "Sponge..... how did you do this?" he then replied with a sparkle in his eyes "It's simple Andy, I trained hard, very hard. I trained 4-6 times a week. I finished most of my resistance sessions with 4 minutes of HIIT. I focused on building lean muscle tissue and not on just losing fat. I didn't listen to people trying to sell me these fad diets, I just ate real food with plenty of protein, healthy fats, and carbs around my workouts. I drank plenty of water and ate fibrous green vegetables with most meals. Tracked my calories so that they didn't go too low or too high, I basically ate to optimise my recovery. I embarrassed every workout, every set and every rep. I actually enjoyed it! Most of all I listened to your advice Andy". 

I replied with "Awesome......great work!"

You see guys it doesn't need to be complicated, it's simple and you know it is! 

You know what works and what doesn't work. 

You know that if you nail the important stuff you'll get the results you seek. 

Generally people just need to take action, get some momentum and embrace their individual journey.