Results driven?


If you are anything like myself you might be driven by results.

Not all results are purely body composition, some are performance, others are purely mindset.

The problem we have is people don’t give themselves time to get the result they seek.

Having said all that, if you give both nutrition and training your absolute 100% best, then I can almost guarantee you will see results and see them fast.

Once you start to see results, this then motivates you to keep pushing forward and most importantly you then know that it WORKS!

I started training 13 years and I didn’t start seeing results until I really pushed it with both my training and nutrition.

What most people do is they kind of eat well and kind of exercise in the gym, they then get demotivated when they don’t see any results.

Yes genetics play a big part, but you will not get anywhere close to your genetic potential unless you give it 100%.

I personally have lower testosterone levels than my 4 year old daughter, but I’ve still managed to develop a decent amount of muscle tissue and come 2nd in a strongman competition (with questionable deadlift form), you can also reach your goals, all it takes is a lot of consistency and a bit of hard work!