Sleeping - Why I’m Currently feeling Awesome….

This is going to be one of my shorter post that simply provides food for thought….

For those of you who don’t know I have a son who's one years old and is currently teething, for those of you who have children or have done Army Infantry Training you’ll know that sleep deprivation sucks, I mean really sucks!!

Personally, I thought I dealt with this well, I didn’t complain (much), continued to grow my business and pursued my fitness goals, this sleep deprivations a peace of cake, right!?…….wrong!

Little did I know but I was more stressed, inpatient, and even forgetful. I didn’t fully appreciate this until he started sleeping through (touch wood). Now my mood has improved, I’m more switched on and are performing in the gym at a much higher level, this is all down to getting a full good night sleep.

This has got me thinking, I know many people who don’t eat well, drink well (water) and of course don’t sleep well and would say that they function “fine” day to day, but what if you can function at a much higher level. What if you have the potential to be a lot more focussed, happier and all around perform at a higher level, what if ones day to day bad habits are preventing them from operating at a much higher level.

You can use this article as food for thought or you could even do your own little trial, try getting better sleep (if possible), try eating cleaner, drinking more water, exercising more and see how you feel day to day after one month. Take this time to track your energy levels and mood, then reassess in one months time. Worst case scenario you feel the same, best case scenario you appreciate how awesome you feel when living a healthier life and this motivates you to now continue this lifestyle. 

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